How to Sew the Lou Box Dress 1, View B Cuffs – Lou Box Dress Sewalong Day 10

Today I’m going to show you how to sew the cuff sleeves for the Lou Box Dress 1 View B. I like to think of View B as the more casual of the two views, with its large patch pockets and these little cuffs. This cuff is a short folded piece of fabric that should cover just the upper half of the bicep. The angled part of the cuff reduces the bulk a the underarm. These cuffs are very easy to sew and really give the dress a nice extra detail.

How to Sew Lou Box Dress 1 View B Cuffs

Step 1: Fold short cuff sleeve in half right sides together. Stitch short ends pivoting at each corner. If you need help identifying where the corners are while you stitch, use a ruler and a removable to marker to mark the pivot points. 

Clip into the corners, being careful not to cut through the stitching. At the outer corners, cut out a little wedge from the seam allowance to reduce the bulk. I like to use my tiny scissors for this as I feel like it gives me more control. Press the seams open. If you have a small sleeve ironing board, this is great time to use it.

Fold the cuff wrong sides together along fold line and press. 

Step 2: Mark the center point in the short cuff sleeve. Pin it to the armhole, with the seam in the cuff matched to the underarm and the center point matched to the shoulder seam. Stitch around the armhole. This seam can be a little awkward sometimes because the body and the cuff are both bigger than the seam line but it will fit. If you need to, you can ease the cuff in to place. 

Finish the raw edge of the cuff and the armhole together and press the seam allowance towards the body of the dress. Repeat for second cuff.

That's all for today. Cuffs are done! Tomorrow I'll share a post for how to sew the waist casing for the Lou Box Dress 2. Check out the links below for more of the sewalong. And if you haven't picked up your pattern yet, there are links below for that too. Happy sewing!