How to Sew Scoop Pockets – Lou Box Dress Sewalong Day 8

In today’s post, I’ll show you how to put together the pockets for the Lou Box Dress 2. These pockets are a little more involved than in-seam pockets but still easy enough for a beginner to sew. These pockets are scooped out of the front of the skirt and the pocket pattern piece will be visible when the garment is finished. I’ll be using a serger for most of the seams but you can follow the same steps  using a conventional machine. The steps for the pockets are also the same for knit and woven fabric. Read on for all the details. 

How to Sew Scoop Pockets (Lou Box Dress 2)

STEP 1: With right sides together, pin skirt pocket lining to skirt front along curved edge. Stitch.  

Press pocket lining to the wrong side. If you wish to topstitch the pocket opening, do so now. Remember, for knit fabric you'll want to use a stitch that has stretch to it, like a zig-zag, twin-needle or triple stretch stitch. If you do not topstitch the pocket, you may want to under stitch the seam allowance to the pocket lining to prevent it showing on the right side. I like to use a narrow zig zag stitch when under stitching knit fabric. Repeat for second pocket. 

STEP 2: With right sides together, pin skirt pocket to skirt pocket lining. Stitch curved edge being careful not to catch the skirt in the stitching. Repeat for second pocket.

STEP 3: Smooth the pocket, pocket lining and skirt out flat. Matching notches, pin the pocket to the skirt along the side and waist. Baste pocket and pocket lining to skirt at waistline and side seam. 

That’s all for today! Check out the rest of the Sewalong schedule below and catch up on any posts you may have missed. If you haven't bought your pattern yet, there are links to the shop below. 


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