Announcing! The Re-launch of the Lou Box Top pattern

Announcing! The re-launch of the Lou Box Top pdf sewing pattern from Sew DIY

Hi sew-friends! Today I’m very happy to announce the re-launch of the Lou Box Top pattern. I first released this pattern in 2015 and it has been steadily popular ever since. All the things that made the pattern great remain the same. This is just a bit of a makeover.

The biggest change is to the sizing. The original pattern contained only four sizes while this new pattern has 17 sizes. The armhole opening is a little bigger and the length of the top is 2 inches longer than the original as Sew DIY has decided to start drafting for a height of 5’10”. (We’re going all in on #sewingtall and couldn’t be happier with the decision. As always, the pattern has lengthen/shorten lines to make it just the right length for your personal measurements and preference.) In addition, the pattern booklet has had a redesign and small tweaks have been made to the instructions for the sake of clarity.

Below is a video recapping the changes and why we made them, plus a few of our sample garments so that you can see some versions in motion.

What if you’ve already purchased the pattern?

There’s no need to repurchase the pattern. I really appreciate the love that people have shown the LBT over the years and want everyone to enjoy this new version.

If you purchased the pattern directly from Sew DIY, expect an email in the next week or so with a link to the pattern. If you purchased from another retailer, email with your order confirmation and we will send you a copy of the new pattern. If you don’t receive an email with the new pattern, email us and we’ll send you the link.

What’s next?

First off, you can expect blog posts and videos about how to select your size, how to make an FBA adjustment to the top and a few tutorials about construction methods. There is already a sewalong for this pattern with lots of info but to supplement and fill in a few holes, we’ll be doing a few additional tutorials.

You can also expect more pattern updates. Next, we’re planning to update the Baseball Skirt pattern and then the Lou Box Dresses patterns. For now, I encourage you to check out the #louboxtop hashtag on Instagram and stay tuned for the tester roundup post tomorrow. And, if you do not already own this pattern, it is currently $2 off until midnight Sunday, May 12, 2019. No code required.

Thank you so much for your support. I truly appreciate it.