Lela Skirt Tester Roundup

Today, I’m so pleased to share a few photos from the group of lovely sewists who tested the Lela Skirt pattern. I’ve always loved this pattern (both the construction and the final result) so it’s great to see other people enjoying it. It’s such an easy skirt to make but also has a lot of different design details to keep a more advanced sewist interested. I think this would also be a great skirt to make for a friend because it doesn’t require a lot of time or fabric and it’s really easy to fit. Now, let’s get on to the tester versions. Check out all the photos and lovely testimonials. P.S. A big THANK YOU to all my testers for their help.

Leanne from Thready For It: “This skirt was such a fun sew. It is perfect for summer and I have a feeling I'll be wearing this pattern year round. I get compliments every time I wear it and I feel cute while also being comfortable.”

Lela Skirt Tester Roundup - Kirsten

Kirsten from @readrunsew: Wearing the Lela skirt is like wearing secret pajamas. It’s a skirt, so it looks dressed up, but with the ease and comfort of sweats. Such a simple yet satisfying sew that is soooooo versatile!

Lela Skirt Tester Roundup - Alyson

Alyson from @aly_oops_: Easy to sew, easy to wear - this is my kind of make! Great summer staple to throw on and feel fabulous.

Lela Skirt Tester Roundup - Claire

Claire from Belle Citadel: The Lela skirt is the perfect summer skirt in both the mini and midi lengths. It sews up so quickly and is exactly what I need to match all those cropped and boxy tops I've been making recently. 

Lela Skirt Tester Roundup - Cynthia

Cynthia from @createdbyittybitty: This is the perfect Summer Skirt, pair with a T and some Flip Flops for an effortless look.

Lela Skirt Tester Roundup - Dawna

Dawna from Spoolriver: I can imagine the Lela skirt with it's style variations and different length options to be a super useful item in anyone's wardrobe. Depending on fabric choice and style, the Lela can be sporty and weekend or you can take it downtown. It's a well drafted, satisfying and quick make. This is an excellent beginner project.

Lela Skirt Tester Roundup - Emily

Emily from @littlepeaclothing: The Lela skirt appears to be straightforward and simple but it is in fact a versatile, option packed wardrobe staple. With a comfortable waistband, big pockets (enough to hold an iPhone plus), and different hem lengths, you can easily run errands in it or accessorize and wear it out on a date. The pattern goes together beautifully and the results are amazing. 

Lela Skirt Tester Roundup - Megan

Meghan from @m.keder: This pattern is a lot of fun and can be finished in an afternoon so it's great for beginners and advanced sewists alike.

Lela Skirt Tester Roundup - Melonie
Lela Skirt Tester Roundup - Sierra

Sierra from Seams Like Sierra: This is a skirt that will get a lot of wear in my closet. I don’t wear many skirts in general, but this hit at a really cute length and it’s easy to wear due to the elastic waist. I look forward to trying other views and lengths. 

Lela Skirt Tester Roundup - Melissa

Melissa from @floating-sewist: As a first time tester I didn't know what to expect but this pattern was a breeze, the options are endless. Make a matching top for a faux dress or play with the length to suit your style or time of year. Highly recommend.

Lela Skirt Tester Roundup - Julie

Julie from @isewdoncjesuis: I made the Lela skirt in 1 hour and 15 minutes!!! This says it all! The well drafted pattern along with the clear instructions make this sew a breeze. The fact that they are many options and way to customize the pattern to your needs/dreams makes it a staple pattern that everyone should have! This skirt is so comfortable and easy to put on and style in many different ways. I can see a few more Lela in my future!

If you haven’t gotten your copy of the skirt yet, you can grab it right here. It’s on sale for $10 until June 26, 2019 at midnight Pacific time so don’t wait. I have a few blog posts planned to help you with the trickier parts of sewing the skirt so definitely stay tuned for those.

P.S. If you are also interested in the Lou Box Top, you can buy the Lela Skirt and LBT together for a discounted price of $20 total. Check it out here.