Everything is coming up green

Everything around me seems to be green these days. I recently moved into an apartment with a very green kitchen. Then I unpacked my things and discovered that I must really love green.

Green tablecloth and green cushions

Green plants in green pots on a green stand

Some green soup, I made yesterday

A little green gravy boat on a green shelf

Green couch – I’ve always covered this couch in the past but it’s really growing on me these days.

A little green globe

And now the Green Sweaters

I went to the thrift store on Halloween for the half off everything sale a
nd found some great sweaters. I was really looking for a desk but exited with a bag full of clothes (for only $7 though!). Two of the sweaters are green and it was those sweaters that signaled to me that the green theme was getting out of control. The one that is not green is a typical beige wool JCrew cardigan with some beige embroidery (shown above). I’m planning on adding more embroidery (like this) in some brighter colors.

The finds I am most excited about though are these two green sweaters. One is knit and the other crochet. They both appear to be hand-made and I’d like to think that they were both made by the same hands. The crocheted sweater is made from a delicate double crochet so small that it must have taken hours to make. I imagine someone loved these sweaters or at least loved making them. I am pleased to take them into my home and care for them.

The crocheted sweater (left) has a swingy cut that has conveniently returned to style. It has a button band but no buttons. If I find the right buttons I will attach them but one hardly notices that they’re missing. The knitted sweater (right) has a little mandarin collar and pretty green buttons. I love cardigans and I think I’ll be able to wear these like jackets here in California.