Tomorrow's Project

I have a shadow box I bought 3+ years ago for my BFA show but ended up not using. Now, I have an empty space on the wall just right for it. So next I need some artwork. I have these gouache painted color swatches that I made in Color Theory class about 5+ years ago. For some reason I saved the swatches. I guess I just couldn't bear to throw away hours of work when they must be good for something. See, for the class, I had to mix paint to just the right consistency and color and I wasn't all that skilled with the gouache application. So, I still have a bag full of swatches.

Tomorrow, I have the whole day free and I'm planning on doing a little 3-D collage among other weekend errands. It's amazing all the stuff that doesn't get done when one is away from the house for twelve hours a day.