Pillowcase top WIP

It's terribly hot here so I've settled in with shades drawn and air conditioning on. I went to the library today and checked out some books and movies. I've started my couch surfing with the movie A Letter to Three Wives. It's narrated "Desperate Housewives"-style by the woman who sent a letter to three women saying she ran off with one of their husbands. At the library I was pleased to find a lot of older titles. I'm particularly excited about the one in the middle - How to make your own clothes for hippies.I'm working on finishing up this top made from crocheted granny squares and a couple of eyelet pillowcases. I still need to attach the straps, add some crochet to the straps and even out the hem.
I've also started a marketing bag from this pattern via the Purl Bee blog. I'm using Sugar 'n Cream on size 9 needles. More to keep me busy while I lay around and complain about the heat. Stay cool everyone!