Vogue 2654 Shirt

Lately I've been wanting to make shirts, to be a little dressier than t-shirts. I bought this fabric from JoAnns at the after Thanksgiving sale and had been planning to use it for a longer tunic style shirt but I didn't actually have enough fabric. So I looked through my patterns and found Vogue 2654. According to the Vogue pattern website, this pattern is out of print but it appears it can still be purchased.
I had made the skirt a couple of times and even cut out the pieces for the shirt but had never made it. I chose to make view A, with short sleeves. I really love the peplum on this shirt.

I was pretty careful to line up the stripes and you can see that it matches up in the front at the peplum seam and in the back at the yoke and collar. If I make this again, I will probably make the body longer. It's a little short on my long waist. Also, I would consider adding a side bust dart to make it a little more shapely. I think it would be a great jacket too - the collar, the peplum, so cool.