Burda World of Re-Fashion 124A Shirt

I made this shirt yesterday using the Burda World of Fashion pattern 124A from the April 2007 issue. I really should have finished other projects I already started but after I started I felt compelled to finish. Besides my resolution doesn't say anything about starting projects, just finishing them. Some justifications for doing the project are that I had traced the pattern a long time ago and the floral print fabric is from an old skirt.

This was my first BWOF pattern and it was more than a little frustrating. The magazine is really cool because it comes with a bunch of fashion current patterns and it only cost $8 (US). The patterns have to be traced and then the seam allowances must be added. I got confused about whether I needed to add seam allowance at the fold (I think no). Also there were a few rectangle shaped pieces that are not traced but the measurements are given in the instructions. I didn't pay attention to the finished sizes of the pieces and forgot to add a seam allowance. Of course I was midway through the project when I realized this. It all worked out and I used the beige linen to make those pieces and I really like the result of the second fabric for the overall look of the piece.

As I mentioned, I used an old skirt for the main body of the shirt. The skirt was long and flared with buttons down the front. To save time, I cut front pieces, which button up, from the button up section of the skirt, saving myself the time of sewing buttonholes and buttons. This can also be done when refashioning a shirt. Speaking of refashioning, I discovered the Threadbanger website today via the craftzine blog about sewing and refashioning. The posted video said each person throws away an average of something like 68 pounds of clothing a year! I couldn't believe that. I never throw clothing away. If I'm not going to use it I'll give it to Goodwill.

Anyway, I like the final result but it was challenging to use the instructions. There weren't any illustrations and a lot of the wording was hard to understand. I believe the magazine is produced in Germany so that would explain the language problem. In the end I ignored the instructions and was able to figure out what to do. I bought a navy polka dot fabric for this pattern a long time ago and I'll probably use it. The front of the shirt is quite low cut though and I may alter that.