I finally thought of a decent resolution. It's something that I've tried to work on before but... Anyway, I'd like to finish projects that I start. This will be a challenge because I believe some projects just need resting time before they can be completely properly. But it feels so good to get it done. For instance finishing the Two Button Sweater after many months was pretty satisfying. Plus, I suspect it might be bad feng shui to have unfinished things lying about.
Here's a dress I've been working on and I can't decide if it's done yet. I thought maybe I was done but there's something about the front of the dress that is a little off. I'm thinking about making the half-belt thing at the waist a little longer so that it comes around the front farther. The belt has red buttons at the ends and I think if they are more visible from the front it may look more slimming. The back waist is so nice but the front is a tad frumpy. Any thoughts?

Well, it's on hold and I'm working on a tutorial that I started a while back. Hopefully it will be done later today if not tomorrow.