Vintage Pillowcase Challenge

I made this apron from a vintage pillowcase for the contest put on by the Handmade Parade blog. It's a full apron with pockets around the bottom and one in the center front. The yellow rick-rack was the original trim on the pillowcase and now trims the pockets. The pink bias tape was added to finish the raw edges.
The above schematic is a not-to-scale very rough sketch of how I used the fabric. I made some adjustments after I started cutting to get proportions that looked appealing. The top of the apron and the patch pocket attached to it are both faced. I used up the scraps for the pocket. I used the selvedge edge of the fabric at the waistline and applied bias tape around the sides and bottom. One of the unplanned proportion adjustments I made was to apply the top of the apron on top of the skirt as seen in the sketch below.
I can't say how much I love aprons. I've taken to wearing them while cooking and cleaning, even if I'm not wearing clothes that require protection. I feel like with the apron on I can really get to work. The apron is a uniform. I'm not ready until I have it on.

I didn't always feel quite so strongly about aprons. I used to only wear them while baking or cooking for an extended period of time. Wearing one while cleaning started when I was living in my last apartment. The sink was kind of low and I found myself getting wet while washing dishes (I was the only dishwasher there, no fancy machines to do the dirty work). The habit has stuck and I sometimes find myself happily wearing an apron all day long. A bonus is that when you're done cooking and have commenced eating, the apron acts like a giant bib although hopefully more flattering and grown-up.