Designer Knockoff Contest

I'm entering the Sewing Pattern Review RTW/Designer Knockoff Contest. It's my first time to enter a contest on the site. I just thought that it would be fun to enter because creating knock-offs is something I do all the time (example one and two).

This dress is a knock-off of a design by Sari Gueron from her Spring 2008 collection. The little photo shows the inspiration dress in yellow. Because of the model's hair I couldn't see what the shoulders and neckline exactly looked like so I assumed it was gathered with a fabric tie. Somewhere I found a description of the dress that it's kind of a tunic over a skirt. I used cotton fabric and elastic that I had on hand so it cost pretty much nothing to make. I don't know how much the designer version costs but it's probably a lot higher.

To make my dress I modified Vogue Pattern V8229. Instead of making a collar, I extended the top of the front and back and made casings. I left off the flounce at the bottom, attached a basic skirt at the waist and cinched it all with elastic. I've used this pattern two times before with much success.

This dress is super fun to wear and works for winter when worn with a turtleneck, tights and boots. It's also very comfortable when worn with reasonable shoes (unlike that photo above).