Refashioned Easter Dress

Ah, pretty flowers. It's night time now but I took pictures of my weekend project earlier so I wanted to post it. Plus, I'm thinking of it as my Easter Dress so it's only appropriate to do it now and sleep later.
This project was a Refashion from a dress I had from high school (!), when I wore ill-fitting clothing. I didn't think to take a "before" picture until I had already started dismantling but below is a very, very rough sketch of the before and after and what I did.

The "before" is at the bottom. Basically a sack dress, sleeveless with a gathered waist and buttons down the front. I undid the waist, leaving the button band in place and stitched the skirt back to the bodice without any gathers and made the skirt straight. I cut off the excess fabric and used it to make gathered sleeves, a gathered flounce at the hem and a gathered bias cut collar. Finally, I stitched two rows of elastic to the waist to make it figure flattering. It's pretty flouncy and ruffly but it's fun, easy to wear and just right for Easter.