Lace Leaf Scarf FO

Last night I finished the lace leaf scarf mentioned twice before. I used a pattern from Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2005. I save all my Vogue Knitting magazines. I even have one from the 90s, before I really knew how to knit. I remember I just couldn't resist buying it but also realized that I'd have a lot of learning to do before I could actually make an entire sweater. There was a brown mohair hoodie that I particularly wanted to make.

Anyway, two nights ago I finished up the knitting and blocked the two pieces of the scarf. Then last night I grafted the two pieces together. I thought it might be a little flatter after blocking but oh well. I'm really not compelled to block it again. The yarn is some sort of crochet thread that I got on sale at Michael's a while back, a very soft cotton. A nice spring time scarf.