Tim's Birthday Socks

For Christmas this year, my brother gave me the book Favorite Socks put out by Interweave. He then made a request for a pair of his own Eastern European Footlets. I could hardly say no and promised he would have a pair for his birthday in March.

I bought the yarn, Lion Brand Lion Wool, before New Year's and completed the project in plenty of time. I couldn't manage to get the correct (very tight) gauge so I adjusted the pattern using a stitch multiplier I found somewhere on the web for a little help (I can't find the link now... so sorry!).

These were only my second (?!) pair of socks ever and were done toe-up. The only challenge I found was that I had trouble gauging how long the socks were going to be by the time I finished the heel. The first sock I made ended up the length of my forearm, too big even for my little bro's size 13 feet. I didn't realize until I was nearly done and had to frog back all the way through the color work. Oh well, I did a much better job the second time around.

I mailed Tim the socks and they arrived the day before his birthday. I was thrilled to get a picture text from him modeling the socks (not shown here, these are my somewhat smaller feet standing in). He says they fit and are keeping him warm and cozy in Portland. Yea! Happy Birthday Tim!