Curtains & Tie-backs

I've been wanting new curtains for quite a while now. As I mentioned before, I was inspired by this post on I decided to buy some cheap fabric at IKEA and while shopping I came upon a duvet cover for $10. I liked the pattern because the cool blue would match colors already in the room and the red and off-kilter geometric pattern would add a bit more color to my rather bland bedroom.

To make the curtains, I first measured the existing ones to get an idea of the required size. I took apart the duvet cover with a seam ripper and cut the large panels for the curtains (about 58 inches wide by 86 inches high). I hemmed all the sides and made a casing at the top for the curtain rod.

The final part was making the tie-backs from two stash fabrics. The tie backs are simple rectangles sewn right sides together and then turned right side out. The only thing left is to find new fixtures to replace the silly heart hardwear. I've been trying to think of a way to cover the hearts but I don't want it to look hokey. Any thoughts?