Book Review - Beautiful Hand-Stitched Jewelry

I received a copy of this book from the publisher a while back. I've been intending to try out some of the lovely projects myself before reviewing but simply haven't gotten to it. The projects are lovely, all jewelry made using crochet and sewing techniques (mostly crochet). This style of jewelry is in fashion these days and there couldn't be a better time to crochet a necklace or bracelet.
back cover

The book is Beautiful Hand-Stitched Jewelry: Crocheted, Embroidered, Beaded by Emi Iwakiri (on Amazon). The author has a blog here (in English via Google Translate).

Below are a couple of my favorite projects. I'm sorry the pictures are so horrible. I couldn't get a proper scan.
Bridal Flowers Necklace (crochet)

Vibrant Beaded Collar (sewing and beading)