Drape, Drape No. 4

drape drape dress no. 4

This dress is made using a pattern from the Japanese sewing book drape drape by Hisako Sato.
Tracing the pattern took hours. It was definitely the hardest part. I referred to the pattern diagrams in the book throughout (below). The pattern pieces are quite large and cumbersome but it's not too challenging to cut out.
The diagram on the upper right of the finished garment has numbers that coordinate with the steps of construction. Not all steps are illustrated and all of the instructions are in Japanese so I just put it together as I imagined it should be done.

My one big goof was I couldn't figure out whether to put the pattern right side up on the right side of the fabric or the opposite. Anyway, I chose wrong and my dress is the opposite of the photo. The fabric is a knit that I had on hand. I used it once before for a vest. The fabric is lightweight and appropriately drapey but not see through. I used the same fabric as a lining.

The drapey piece in the front slides through the band on the shoulder and then somehow ties or loops with the drapey piece from the back. I think this part can be improvised.

on the body (sorry so blurry!)

It's a little funky so I can't wear it just any old day or to work. The only thing I might try to change is that the dress is a little short. Overall, I love the dress. I can't wait to make another pattern from this book. I've already traced dress no. 3 and I just need the fabric to get started.