Vogue V1170 Twist Front Blouse

Vogue Pattern V1170 Blouse by Rachel Comey

This pattern is pretty unusual and because I wasn't sure how it would turn out, I decided to use a fabric I've had laying around for years. I believe I bought this fabric off a sale table at a Hancock Fabrics in Seattle. The slippery nature of this fabric was the most challenging part of making this blouse. The narrow hems were so hard to do by machine that I ended up stitching them by hand.
Rather wrinkly button placket down the back. I put tracing paper under the fabric while stitching the buttonholes to help stabilize the fabric. After the buttonhole was stitched I ripped off the excess paper. This is a great trick for thin or slippery fabric that might fall down into the feed dogs.

The photo on the envelope seems to fit much tighter across the shoulders than mine. I am satisfied with the end result but wish it didn't pouf quite so much in the front. I cut a size 12 which according to the finished measurements on the the pattern should give 3-4 inches of ease. Overall, it's a fun blouse but I probably wouldn't make it again; one twist front top is enough for a girl's wardrobe. :)