Craft from the Past - Paper Covered Boxes

I decorated these little boxes ages ago. They are great for holding jewelry, makeup or other knick-knacks. And you can customize it them to fit any style. I purchased paper board boxes from the craft store (see one in the pic below) and then covered them in paper. For the box above, I used scraps of magazines arranged into a flower pattern for the top. For the sides of the lid and bottom, I used overlapping rectangle shapes.
For the box with the lavender patterned paper, I wrapped the side of the bottom with a long rectangle of paper. For the lid, I glued a circle larger than the lid to the top. Then to cover the sides of the lid, I snipped the paper to the rim (like when clipping a curved seam in sewing), folded the paper over the sides, letting it overlap, glued in place and then trimmed away any excess.