Organizing Notions

Happy Earth Day! Here are a couple of Reduce-Reuse-Recycle-Organize tips for your sewing notions. If you're like me, you can blow through a spool of thread pretty quickly. Reuse those empty spools to organize bits of ribbon and bias tape. Wrap the ribbon around the spool and secure with a pin or rubber band. One word of warning though, over time a pin can rust and stain your ribbon. For a few months or years it should be ok but many years may result in little stains at the pin holes.

I have a number of spools of embroidery thread that don't have a built in method of securing the end of the thread. The result was threads run amok. To corral the mess, I rewound the thread and wrapped a small piece of bias cut fabric around the spool and secured it with a pin. This has worked really well, and is a great use for small scraps of bias tape.