Cut Out Back Seersucker Dress

I based this dress on Simplicity Pattern 1873, view B by Cynthia Rowley, a great basic full skirt pattern. Inspired by all the cut out back dresses trending out there, I altered the pattern to include a cut out. The cut out gives a little surprise to an otherwise sweet, straightforward dress.

To do the cut out, I redrew the back piece making an extra large kind of flap to overlap in the center. I cut 4 pieces of the redrafted back for outside and facing/lining. I added a waistband with button closure to hold it all together. Also, instead of pleating the skirt, I simply gathered it.

At first, I thought I'd make an actually buttonhole for the large button at the back. But I was worried about the overlap flapping around and found that I could slip it on with the opening fastened shut. So I just sewed the button on and tacked it all down. 

For the waistband, I did a buttonhole and snaps as a closure. I was feeling lazy and didn't want to do a zipper, which I regret a little bit now. I'd also give a little more ease to the waistband. I was worried about it all falling down so it's pretty fitted.

Overall though, I really love how this dress turned out. It was pretty easy to do and came together quickly. I'd like to try pattern 1873 again sometime. The fit of the front was really great and I did no alterations.