Tulip Print Scalloped Slip On Jumper Dress

I made this as a muslin for this dress a couple of months ago. I used the free (woohoo!) Slip On Jumper Dress pattern (available from Indygo Junction, just scroll all the way to the bottom). Check out this book if you like this style of pattern.

I made a following adjustments to the pattern.
1. scalloped sleeves and hem
2. button front placket
3. cut out pockets (using instructions from this book)

The fabric is a vintage cotton printed with orange and yellow tulips that I purchased at the thrift store. I've been planning to make a dress out of it for quite a while but only just got around to using it. The fabric is very thin with a seersucker texture. Given the texture and the lightweight, I kind of felt like I was working with a paper towel. Which isn't the end of the world, but it was weird. I also hated that I could see the inside of the pockets through the fabric. I like the idea of cut out pockets but it needs to be done with a heavier (not see through) fabric.

The finished product looked more like a housecoat than a fun, cute dress (don't worry I was thinking it too). So, I decided to change it into a blouse. I cut off the dress right above the pockets and did a quick hem. Voila, cute top.