Pleated Back Silk Dress

I actually made this dress about 5 years ago to wear to my brother's wedding. My now sister-in-law asked me to wear something in the range of colors from red to orange brown. Fuschia pink counted so I went for a bright silk dupioni. Silk dupioni is a great fabric although it is prone to wrinkling. It holds its shape well and has a wonderful classy kind of sheen.

I drafted the pattern myself over several months. The bodice has kimono sleeves and pleats at the center back. The skirt has side pockets, gathers in the front and some pretty serious pleats in the back.

I wanted the dress to be a little dramatic and asymmetrical but still be sophisticated.

I was very pleased with the outcome of this dress. It was comfortable to wear, flashy in just the right way and totally fun to wear.

Here I am the day of the wedding. It was such a fun day and the last time and only time that this dress had an outing. Maybe someday there will be an occasion that will call for this dress to make a second appearance.