Sassy Sundress

This charming little sundress is made using the pattern "I am Sassy Sundress" from the book "I am Cute Dresses" by Sato Watanabe. See my book review here. This dress was fairly easy to make (about an intermediate level).

The fabric is a lightweight cotton in dark gray with a diagonal stripe. On one side of the fabric the diagonal is dark and the other side it's white. I decided that the darker stripe side would be the "right side".

If you are going to make this dress and you have a bust larger than 36 inches, you should carefully check the measurements and adjust as needed. I added width to the bodice but did not add any to the neck binding and the dress is too tight across the upper bust. Adding length to the straps did not help and I still need to make an alteration to the dress before I will be really comfortable while wearing it.

The neck binding seems to be placed right but I think the problem is that the arm hole is very shallow. A deeper angle at the armpit would probably make it more comfortable.

Don't forget, if you make the bodice bigger, you'll also need to make the waist casing bigger. I also made a pretty long waist tie.

The skirt is just a big rectangle with the bodice inserted in the middle. I love the way it hangs in a handkerchief hem style.

Overall, it's a really cool dress and I could see making it again once I get the sizing figured out. It's a great dress for summer weather, nice and breezy.