Vintage Pattern Inspiration – Full Skirt Dresses

As part of Dress Month, I'll be sharing a full skirted dress that I made a little later this week. So, to get you ready, here is some vintage pattern inspiration. My grandmother and her sisters were big sewers so I've inherited a pretty great collection of vintage patterns. Unfortunately they were much smaller than I am so I would have to make major pattern alterations in order to use them. First up is McCalls 6121 circa 1961 (front above and back below). I just love this pattern. The illustrations are so chic and the colors so attractive. If only I had a white hat and gloves! See the pattern here on the Vintage Sewing Wiki.

Another great vintage full skirt pattern is McCalls 6908, cicra 1963 (here on the Vintage Sewing Wikia). I'm really intrigued by the armholes on this pattern. I'm not sure what kind of armhole it is, not raglan. Do you know? Anyway, it is a lovely design and so sophisticated. I imagine one would wear this dress for lunch in a fancy hotel.

Need more vintage pattern inspiration? One of my favorite sites is A Dress A Day or browse the Vintage Sewing Wikia.