Easy DIY Hat Band

It's so easy to freshen up the look of your favorite hat in just a few easy steps. All you really need is a fantastic scarf or piece of fabric. But if you want to jazz it up a little bit, use a large bead to cinch the scarf onto your hat. If you're anything like me, you have a big pile of silk scarves sitting around begging to be used. This is the perfect opportunity to showcase one and get some sun protection.

Scarf long enough to wrap around crown of hat
Large Bead
Pencil or Chopstick
Safety Pin

1. Prep your hat. Mine had an old ribbon glued on that I was able to gently pry loose with my fingers. I left the feathers on though because they have a cool vibe to them.

2. Wrap the sandpaper around the pencil or chopstick and sand the inside of the bead. You don't want to damage your scarf on a rough bead. Don't forget to shake out the sawdust!

3. Attach the safety pin to two opposite corners of the scarf and thread through the center of the bead.

4.  Wrap the scarf around the hat and cinch it tight. If your scarf is a square shape, you might need to fold and roll it in order to make it nice and neat. If it's a long rectangle, you'll need to do some straightening.

And now you're ready to rock the town or the beach or wherever your hat is taking you! It's really easy to change the scarf and totally change your look. You can have a different look every day!

Depending on your hat style, you could also wrap the scarf around and tie in a knot or slip through a loop like the one shown here.

Here I used a small square scarf folded diagonally to wrap the hat. This is such a fun, quick DIY with endless possibilities. I can't wait to try them all.