How to Make a Plaid Shirt Chic

The 90's gave plaid shirts a bad rap. But this photo proves that plaid can be utterly chic. (Just a little side note, I found the photo on pinterest and sadly can't find the original source. UPDATE: I found the source of the photo here on Happily Grey.) The photo is so gorgeous; it just slays me. If we could see the rest of her outfit, I think it would be dark, close fitting jeans and a leather handbag.

How to do it:

1. Get thee a plaid shirt. This men's shirt (by Gant Rugger at Barney's New York) matches our photo quite nicely. You should probably wash it about 50 times and get it nice and faded.

2. Put a chunky gold watch on that wrist.

3. Then add some femininity with a sweet little gold bracelet like this one by etsy shop fildee.

4. Finally, shade those eyes with dramatic, tortoise shell sunglasses like these by Steve Madden.

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