Sewing Recap - Simple Blanket

I whipped up this simple blanket on Sunday using this tutorial from the Purl Bee. All you have to do is stitch two pieces of cloth right sides together, turn right side out and topstitch. The method is very similar to my recycled corduroy blanket, just without piecing one side. 

One side of this blanket is a vintage terry cloth animal print and the other is a super soft polar fleece. The terry cloth fabric was a hand-me-down from my great aunt. She had planned to make his and hers bathrobes from it but never got around to it (we've all been there right?). I bought the polar fleece last year at Christmas as a remnant thinking it might make a great Christmas stocking. I had one yard of 72 inch wide polar fleece and the terry cloth is 36 inches wide. So, I cut 72 inches of the terry cloth. Does that make sense? Kismet fabric! Basically just two pieces of cozy 36 x 72 inch fabric.

This blanket is super cozy and I'm itching to make more of them. Maybe I can even use up some stash fabric. Yay! This blanket would make a great Christmas gift. After all, who doesn't want to just cozy down with a blanket this ime of year?


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