Free Printable - Crossed Arrows Valentine

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching which means it's time to start making valentines. I've always loved making my own valentines, cutting out paper hearts, making treat boxes and such. Last Friday I featured the font Berimbau as a nice pick for a Valentine's Day graphic. I adapted that design into a sweet little card free for you to download and print yourself.  

Design Details:

To convert Friday's graphic to a greeting card, I decided to make a few design changes. When designing, one must always consider the final venue for the piece. While I still really like Friday's graphic, it is intended to be featured on the web and didn't work as well on a standard size card. Here are the changes I made and why:
  • Changed greeting to "I Love You" which is an appropriate greeting for a card, not so much for a blog post. This greeting also takes advantage of the sweet, loopy "O's" in Berimbau's lowercase.
  • Made "Happy Valentine's Day" smaller, underneath main text to help bring weight to the graphic and act like a pedestal to the rest of the design
  • Moved the arrow and heart graphic to the top
  • Flipped arrows to point up creating upward movement across the page
  • Made heart red color to balance with red text below
  • Sized the crossed arrows graphic a little smaller than the text. The design now kind of resembles the shape of a flower vase, nicely proportioned and balanced.
  • Centered graphic and text a little above mid height on the page with plenty of white space all around
The design now has a nice sense of hierarchy (which is the most important thing to consider when designing). The first thing the eye goes to is "I love you", second the arrows and heart graphic and third "Happy Valentine's Day". The design is nicely layered and not too busy.

Now to make your card, all you need to do is download the pdf and print on 8.5 x 11 size card stock. Make sure to print with Page Scaling set to "None".  Then use a straight edge and exacto knife to cut out and fold the card using the crop marks as guides. The finished card measures 4 x 6 inches when folded.

I hope that you enjoy this little card. To find more of my printables, check out my Printables page.

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