DIY Tutorial – Gold Tube Bead Necklace

These days, I'm seeing large dramatic beads everywhere. So when I saw these at the bead store, I just had to snap them up. This necklace is really simple to make and shows off the gold bead perfectly. Choose any color or combination of seed beads for a variety of looks. You'll be able to match practically any outfit you own.

How to Make a Gold Tube Bead Necklace

Seed Beads
1 long curved gold tube bead
1 clasp
2 jump rings
2 knot covers
beading string
flexible beading needle
jewelry pliers
Binder clip or tape

Step 1:
Cut beading string about 36 inches long. This will leave plenty of wiggle room for making knots and adjusting length as desired.

Step 2:
Thread needle. Attach binder clip or tape to opposite end about 2 inches from end. This will prevent the beads from falling off.

Step 3:
Thread one knot cover, open end towards the end of the thread.

Step 4:
Thread seed beads for about 12.5 inches.

Step 5:
Thread gold tube bead.

Step 6:
Thread seed beads for about 12.5 inches to match first side. Hold up the necklace and see if you like the length. Remove or add beads as desired.

Step 7:
String one knot cover open side facing end of string. Make knot, add a drop of glue and close knot cover with jewelry pliers. Repeat for other side. Attach jump rings and clasp to hooks of knot covers. Bend hooks on knot covers closed.

I love these necklaces and wear them often. My favorite is the one in the middle that has a mixture of shiny copper beads and matte brown beads. It matches everything! I've promised to make a yellow one for my sister-in-law and one for my niece. I hope you enjoy!

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