Mini DIY Tutorial – Polka Dot Jeans

So, you may have noticed that I've been posting a lot about polka dots the last couple weeks. Well, I have one last polka dot post for you and it comes with a mini tutorial. There are lots of polka dot jeans out there these days and a few tutorials too. I had an old pair of very cheap skinny jeans that I had almost forgotten about, so I decided to try my hand at making them over with some painted on polka dots.


fabric paint
circle hole punch 
tag board
foam brush

Alternate: Use a circle shaped foam brush rather than a circle to paint on circles.

Step 1:
Make stencil using circle hole punch and tag board. Lay jeans out flat on a covered surface. 

Step 2:
Dip foam brush in paint. Use stencil to paint evenly spaced polka dots on pants.

Step 3:
Paint one side of jeans, let dry and repeat for other side.

  • Keep stencil as flat against fabric as possible to avoid going outside the lines.
  • Gently dab the paint through the stencil with the foam brush.
  • The stencil might get wet and the paint might smear. Make new stencils as needed.
  • If you get a smear of paint, try washing it off with soap and water. The paint should not be permanent until dry and set with an iron.

My paint job is definitely not perfect but it was very fun to try out. I’d like to try using a circular foam brush sometime too. Above I'm wearing my Drape Drape top No. 3, the DIY jeans and these wedge sandals from Lands' End.

Here are some other tutorials you might find inspiring:
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