Me Made May Recap

So, I haven't posted about Me Made May since I pledged over a month ago but trust me it was a big part of last month for me. I really thought about how I could incorporate DIY into my wardrobe every day. Some days I forgot to make a note of what I wore but I only forgot to wear something one day. That's pretty freakin' awesome. And look at all that stuff I've made!! That's amazing. If I do say so myself. And I'm definitely going to be making more.

Here's my recap with a few gaps for the days I just don't remember :)

Me Made May 2013

May 3 Black White floral Raglan dress The only mention I can find is in this post. Wow, the old days!

May 13 blue plaid gather neck dress This one is pretty old (circa 2007!). I added pockets to it and elastic at the waist. It's one of my favorite dresses.

May 19 & May 20 forgot to make notes!! But I think this t-shirt might have been in there.

May 23 Slouch Top

May 25 pleated denim shorts and sailboat top (another oldie, I was not very descriptive with my post names back then. Hindsight, right?)

May 29 This was my one fail day. I was going to wear my DIY Polka Dot Scarf but I forgot to bring it with me.

Looking at this list, I'm pretty surprised that there aren't more repeats. Thinking about wearing DIY did help me dig out some pieces that had been sitting in the closet. Hopefully, I'll keep it up. Did you participate in Me Made May? How did it go for you?

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