DIY Outfit - 90's Inspired Floral Dress

This week is 90's floral flashback week on the blog. Before I started really looking for these 90s inspired florals I didn't realize how much was out there in current fashion. If you're a lot younger than I am or just have a shoddy memory, you might be wondering what makes it "90's inspired". Well, today's inspiration dress has the small floral print on a black background, short hem length, loose fit, scoop neck and short sleeves. It would be even more "90's" if the waistline was raised a few inches to make it a babydoll style. Are you feeling the lure of the 90s yet? No? Watch this video and you'll at least have a good chuckle.

How to DIY a 90's Inspired Floral Dress

Step 1 This cute dress is by Band of Gypsies and available at Nordstrom. Replace the sneakers with Doc Martens, rip the tights, add a plaid flannel and your 90's halloween costume is good to go. Or, just wear it as shown and you'll be taking a modern spin on the past.

Step 2 For the pattern I've chosen New Look 6143. It's not a perfect match but pretty close. To make it a closer match to the inspiration I'd make a few changes: change skirt pleats to gathers, eliminate bodice darts at waist, eliminate seam in upper bodice and make lower scoop neck. It's always surprising to me how few dress sewing patterns have sleeves. Have you noticed that too?

Step 3 This floral rayon print fabric from is a great match to our inspiration. The colors are a little brighter but I actually like that more.

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