DIY Outfit – Lace Inset Top

As soon as I saw this t-shirt with inset lace, I knew that I had to make my own version. I love the casual look of the t-shirt combined with the fanciness of the lace. It dresses up what would otherwise be something quite ordinary. Today I'll share the inspiration and a basic how-to. Make sure to check back in tomorrow to see my results.

How to DIY a Lace Inset Top

Step 1 The Lace Divide Tee from Anthropologie is a long, loose fitting t-shirt with a lace inset at the center back and a slouchy front pocket. The swingy fit would be flattering to most anybody.

Step 2 To make your own t-shirt I recommend drafting your own pattern as I explain here. The only change from a regular t-shirt is to add a seam to the center back. For the lace inset, cut a triangle on the fold about 13 inches high and 11 inches wide.

Start with the back of the shirt. With right sides together, align one angled side of the godet to one side of the back matching the dots (in the diagram) and stitch. Align remaining back piece to back and lace godet and stitch in place. Stitch front to back at sides and shoulders. Finish neckline, sleeves and hem. 

For the droopy pocket, cut a trapezoid that is wider at the top. Fold in the edges and pin to the front of the shirt with the sides straight up and down. Topstitch in place.

Alternately, you can refashion a ready to wear black t-shirt by cutting a slit up the back and then attaching the lace godet.

Step 3 All you need for this shirt are a basic black knit and a black lace like this one from

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