DIY Wardrobe – Winter Weekends

Sometime back in November my sewing and crafting focus shifted to gift-making. Now that the holidays are over I'm ready to get back in the saddle with some sewing for the chilly winter weekends. I'm pretty excited to to make these items. A number of them have been on my imaginary list for quite a while. So here it goes. Come back soon to follow along with my progress!

1. Pajama Shorts
Pattern: Lakeside Pajamas from Grainline Studio
For these shorts I'm recycling fabric from a vintage dress.

2. Knitted Socks
Pattern: Meida Socks from Favorite Socks

3. Zippered Sweatshirt
Pattern: Self-drafted
I'm planning to use a rub-off method and/or the book DIY Couture to draft this sweatshirt. For the fabric, I have a Japanese knit in my stash.

4. Leggings
Pattern: Self-drafted
There are a few tutorials out there for making your own leggings pattern and I can't wait to try it out.

5. Striped Top
Pattern: Tessuti Mandy Boat Tee
I have a knit striped fabric in my stash that will be perfect for this top.

6. Triangle Bag
Pattern: Self-drafted
This is another one from my long to-do list. It will be perfect for weekend shopping or toting my latest knitting project.

Follow along with me here: