Winter Wardrobe – No. 4 Leggings

Hi friends! I'm really excited to share my new DIY leggings with you today. These are number 4 on my list of Winter sewing plans. I've been wanting to sew leggings for a while now. I've seen so many great versions out there in the blogosphere. Plus, I spend many a weekend lounging in leggings. They're so comfy. It's an irresistible DIY. So irresistible in fact that upon finishing one pair I immediately made a second!

For a pattern, I drafted my own using a couple of tutorials: this one from Randomly Happy and this one from One Little Minute. Also see this one on Etsy. The tutorials were really easy to follow. I slowly made the pattern over a few days and then quickly sewed up the leggings in a few hours. I really like the method for attaching the elastic to the waistline. You stitch the elastic to the raw edge, fold it over a couple time and stitch again. It's really smooth and super easy.

For my first pair of leggings, I chose a purple and black striped sweater knit. For the second pair, I used a fairly thin (but not transparent! :) striped knit. Aren't the stripes fun? They kind of make me feel like I'm a little kid when I'm wearing them. Both fabrics are equally comfy but the different pairs do fit differently. So it goes, right? Leggings are really best made in a super stretchy medium weight knit.

Aren't these leggings pretty fabulous? Are you going to make your own pair now? And did you notice my new haircut?

Here I've styled my DIY leggings with:

Fitted Jacket


DIY Triangle Bag

Shiny Flats