DIY Navy Floral Blouse

A few weeks ago I bought the Breakwater collection of patterns by Meghan Nielsen. I've coveted this collection ever since it was first released. The designs are beautiful, interesting and very wearable. I had stalled on buying them until they were recently released as a PDF package. I could no longer resist. I got out my credit card and instantly downloaded. Gotta love instant gratification! 

I pretty much immediately started printing the patterns out and looking for fabrics from my stash. Most of the patterns in this collection call for lightweight fabrics. Which I do have a lot of but they're mostly sheer. So, I've been doing some fabric shopping... Can I blame these patterns on breaking my summer stash busting pledge? Probably not if I want to be honest but it sure didn't help!

I decided to start with the Crescent Blouse because I happened to have enough fabric from my stash, the floral leftover from this dress and the navy solid leftover from this dress. The floral is the perfect light weight and cotton. And the navy solid perfectly matches in color but it's a tad heavier in weight, which does bug me as it stands out a little bit from the blouse. I think this blouse really needs fabric with a nice drape. 

But this is really just a wearable muslin so I'm not sweating it. You'll probably notice that there are a lot of simplifications in my blouse compared to the original design. I eliminated the shoulder cut outs and the collar. Perhaps it was my instant gratification mode that inspired this quickie sew?

This is a great blouse and the only thing I would change is a little extra room in the armhole. It fits but it's a little tight for comfort and pulls a bit across the chest. It may be my modifications that created this issue though. So, overall I'm pleased and will wear this blouse from time to time. See my Fall sewing plans for more of what's coming up in the next few months.