DIY Lilac Stripe Knit Skirt

"Striped Knit Skirt" is probably the most common thing in my DIY'd list. In fact, I've made this skirt so often that it is a permanent fixture on my Most Made/Most Favorite List. It's super fast and super easy to make. Plus super easy to wear! Just my perfect kind of make.

The pattern is from the book Sew U Home Stretch by Wendy Mullin. This book taught me how to sew with knits. I was completely flummoxed before reading it but it gave me the confidence to get started with those stretchy fabrics. It's a great resource that I often refer to when I need a knits sewing refresher. The book has patterns for all the basics but this skirt has become my favorite. I really love that the waistband is sewn to the skirt with the elastic already inside. Just one quick seam and you're all done. The only change I made this time around was to shorten the pattern quite a bit. As is, it comes down to my knee but I wanted this skirt to be more casual. Check out a couple of my other versions here and here.

The fabric is a fairly thick 4-way stretch that I bought at the Michael Levine bulk store. It's a great fabric that I've also used to make a bodysuit for myself and a leotard for my niece. Last time I was in the store they still had a big roll of the fabric so if you're in LA and need a stretchy knit to play around with, I recommend checking it out. They seem to always have a lot of knits but you have to search a little bit more for wovens.

Paired with a grey knit curved hem Lou Box Top and simple wedge sandals, this has become one of my favorite outfits. The loose fit of the top balances out the short, fitted skirt and the knit fabrics are oh so comfortable. If you're wondering why I'm still talking about warm weather clothes, well it's still warm weather in LA. Today will be a nice cool 81. So, be assured I'm still getting a lot of use out of my short sleeves and skirts. I'm hoping that one day soon I'll need to bust out a scarf or maybe even a coat (!) but for now it's all tank tops and sandals. What are you wearing these days? Trust me I'm jealous of the coats. :)