DIY Linen Cocoon Dress

I completed this basic linen cocoon dress over a month ago and I'm finally getting around to sharing it with you. This dress is part of my Fall Sewing Plans and the wearable muslin for this fabulous frock. I've been so busy the past few weeks that it's been a struggle to get photos and blog posts done, not to mention actual sewing. And I'm not complaining because included with the drudgery of work I also had a mini vacation where I wore this dress a ton and the silk version for this time. So even if I'm a little quieter on the blog you can trust that my handmades are likely being worn and enjoyed. And that's really what it's all about, right?

This little number is the wearable muslin I made the of the Inari Tee Dress by Named Clothing. I received this pattern from Indie Sew as part of Fall Selfish Sewing Week and it quickly became one of my favorites. I love the loose, easy shape. It's super easy to wear and has beautiful design details that make it not at all boring. For this version, I made a size 42 (one size smaller than my bust) with no fit adjustments. For details on how I changed the pattern the second time around, check out my post on Indie Sew. 

The fabric is a basic cotton blend that I picked up somewhere in downtown LA. I don't really remember now when or where I bought it. Just that I bought a lot of it and it's been great for making muslins. I love the dark gray color and mottled texture of the fabric. At first the fabric was a little itchy and I was worried that I'd have to give the dress to Goodwill. But after a good wash and dry, the fabric softened up and it's now quite comfortable to wear.

I did flub up the sleeve bands so they're a little different than the pattern but I think it's a pretty cool adjustment. Instead of stitching them to the wrong side of the sleeve and then folding to the right side to create a cuff, I stitched them right sides together (on accident!) and they became a little cuff. I actually really like the extra length this "mistake" added to the sleeve. Do you make muslins (or toiles)? How do you decide whether to make one? Have you tried this pattern or have a similar one to recommend (yes! I'm on the lookout for more like this)?