DIY Printed Leggings

A few weeks ago I was digging through the Michael Levine bargain bins and found this amazing black printed knit fabric. On the digging expeditions I try to be hard on myself and only buy fabric that I truly love or truly need. This was a very easy decision. It was absolutely love at first sight between me and this fabric. The fabric has a pretty thick weight, like a double knit and the pattern is printed on top for a tone-on-tone look. 

I also knew right away that this fabric was going to become leggings. The thickness meant that there would be no show through but there was enough stretch to also make the leggings super comfy (that's one thing I've learned from previous leggings sewing, you really need lots of stretch for more comfort). I've made leggings three times before and let me tell you, they are so quick and easy. And fun! I drafted my own pattern using this tutorial from Randomly Happy.

It's a pretty good fit but not exactly how I want it so this time around I extended the top by a few inches to make a higher waistline. The elastic waist is created by stitching a loop of elastic to the waistline, folding it down and stitching again. It's a little bit baggy on me and I have to hitch it up every now and then. So I'm thinking I'll unpick it and shorten the elastic loop. I used a simple zig zag to stitch down the elastic so it won't be too tedious.

One happy accident was that I forgot to add more to the hem. Oops! I really should have tried on one of my other pairs to check the fit before I cut into the fabric but I was just so excited. To compensate for the short length, I added little cuffs to the bottom. I actually really like the look of the cuffs and I think they add a nice design detail. 

The next time I do leggings, I'm tempted to try out the Virginia Leggings by Megan Nielsen. I already have this pattern but somehow I think she's probably done a better job than I did. I love so many of her patterns I bet I'd love that one too.

This outfit has become my new favorite casual weekend going out outfit. I know it's winter but paired with a big sweater or coat and a hat, I'm usually warm enough. I do live in LA after all. And I love that I can be totally comfortable but still feel put together and dare I say sexy. The racerback tank is also a DIY that I haven't blogged about yet. It's based on a traced tank, same as this dress. Do you have a casual going-out outfit? That one you throw to meet friends for drinks but makes you feel like you're wearing pajamas.