Let's talk About WIP's – What I sewed in September

Doesn’t it seem like October really snuck up on us? September was a very busy month for me and I’m fortunately feeling more focused with my projects, much better than last month to be honest. Phew! My work schedule has been pretty unpredictable lately and it’s stressing me a bit. I do rather like a routine. I kind of feel like the more I have to do, the more I’ll actually get done.

To get myself feeling a little more organized, I started using the app Todoist for my checklists. I think it’s a little more advanced than my previous check list app, Any.do. I actually really like using the online version, go figure. I’m also just starting to try out CoSchedule for blog post planning which I hope will help automate some stuff for me. I’m working my way through my last summer makes and have two newly finished dresses to share with you soon.

So now on to my projects! To catch up on last month's list check out this post. At the beginning of September, I had 8 WIPs and I've gotten it down to 6. Yay! It was actually down to four before I cut out two new projects last weekend. I also had two projects to make as part of the Style Maker Fabrics Fall Style Blog Tour, the Driftless Cardigan and the Nehalem Pants. My deadline for those really snuck up on me. I made a trip to the Pacific Northwest the last weekend of September but somehow in my mind I thought there was one more weekend left. Fortunately, I had a couple days off work and got to finish up. 

September Finished Projects

1. Seersucker Spring Shorts
2. Tea House Dress in red (to be blogged very soon!)
3. Clear Vinyl Zip Pouch
4. Driftless Cardigan (wearable muslin and final, so it kinda counts as 2!) 
5. Nehalem Pants
6. Green/Blue Plaid Dress Butterick B6351 (to be blogged soon!)
7. Alexandria Pants (gift for my great-aunt)

Current WIPs

1. Alder Dress
Cut out and partially sewn. I bought the fabric for this back in the Spring. I've finally made the FBA and length pattern adjustments to the pattern. I have high hopes. Fingers crossed!!

2. Black Linen Victoria Blazer
Cut out and ready to sew. I was so glad to find lots of black lining fabric in my stash. Always a good idea to stock up on basic lining, interfacing and thread. 

3. Sampler quilt
This needs quilting and binding, but I've stashed it in the closet for now.

4. Soma One Piece Swimsuit
This is/was nearly finished but I've discarded it due to poor fit. I really should have known that a wrap front would not work well with my bust. Sigh. I did a version of the Soma bikini top out of knit fabric that I really like wearing as a lounge bra. So I think I'll just end up doing a two-piece and maybe lengthening the bra top for a little extra coverage.

5. Cosmic sweater
Very slowly working on this.

6. Knitted Socks
temporarily set aside in favor of the sweater

I also have a couple of secret projects in the works. As if I didn't have enough to do! September was also a good month for adding to the fabric stash. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that I made a trip to Portland and did some fabric shopping while I was there. I visited three very lovely small fabric stores, Josephine's Dry Goods, Modern Domestic and Bolt (the latter two are in the same neighborhood). I've learned over the years that it's best to at least have an idea for what you'd like to make with a fabric. 

From Modern Domestic:
Ikat print for Dove top or Aster Blouse (shown above left)
Windowpane check for Alder Dress

From Bolt:
Floral for secret dress project (shown above left)
Striped knit for Lou Box Top

This month I'm starting a four month long partnership with The Fabric Store and they are very generously giving me fabric to play with each month. The Fabric Store has locations in Los Angeles (in photo above right), Australia and New Zealand. They specialize in New Zealand merino wool but also have lots of gorgeous cotton, silk, linen, knits and even some denim. I've made a few projects using their fabrics before and they are some of my favorite garments. The Los Angeles store is a beautiful (and peaceful!) place to shop. If you're not near one of their stores, they now have an online store.

From The Fabric Store
Red striped sweater knit for Toaster Sweater
Black linen for Secret Dress
Blue geometric print for blouse
Blue cotton floral for blouse or skirt (?)

What are you sewing this month? Any plans for the change of seasons?