Me Made May 2016 Part 1

I love participating in MMM every year. I started back in 2013 before I was on Instagram but really fell in love with it after joining the IG community. I can’t figure out a way to take satisfactory selfies everyday so I opt for doing a flatlay of my garment. It’s also a great way to practice my layout and photography skills! If you're interested in doing your own flatlays, check out my tips. 

So far, this May has been a little different for me. As a freelance designer I usually work in someone’s office on contract but my latest contract ended at the end of April. I’ve been really lucky to be very busy over the last two years that I’ve been freelancing and I’m a good saver so having a few weeks off does not induce budget panic. I love going to the office and interacting with people and the structure that it gives me. The drawback of course is that when I’m working for someone else I have less time for myself, the blog and my pattern business.

All that is to say, I’ve mostly been stuck in non-office-"I’m not going to see anybody" clothes. When I don’t have any plans for the day it’s really hard to get out of pjs. But I make a point of at least changing my clothes everyday so that I feel somewhat human. Allie from Indie Sew wrote some really great posts (here and here) about dressing for working at home and finding the right handmade clothes for your life.

To top it off, May has been cloudy and coldish in LA. I wore a lot of Hudson Pants, Linden Sweatshirts and of course Lou Box Tops. On cloudy days when I’m sitting at the sewing machine or (let’s face it) on the couch or in bed with my laptop, I want to be in comfy soft clothes that will stretch and keep me warm. And without further ado, a little list of things I wore and a bunch of links.

Day 1 Striped Linden sweatshirt, woven High waist modified hudson pants, Knit lou box top and Geneva Panties

Day 2 Seafarer Top, woven Hudson Pants

Day 3 Adelaide Dress, RTW sweater.
I made this dress a few months ago and it’s been too cold to wear until now. Wearing it for the first time, I feel like it’s a little too big and that if I make it again I should consider going down a size. 

Day 4 Knit Fair Isle Hudson Pants, handmade socks, knitted vest

Day 5 Striped Knit Lou Box Top
I made this one size smaller than my measurements and totally love the fit. Btw, it was Lauren Dahl's idea to size down and I'm so happy I did. See her version here.

Day 6 Denim Mini Nita Wrap Skirt, Vogue V2947 blouse

Day 7 Self drafted leggings, knit racerback tank

Day 8 Repeated Self drafted leggings, Striped knit tank, Geneva Panties

Day 9 Black Nettie Bodysuit and Purple Print Linden Sweatshirt

Day 10 Emily Culottes and a knit striped Lou Box Top (unblogged)

Day 11 Baseball Skirt (unblogged)

Day 12 Teal Racerback Knit Dress Simplicity 2443

Day 13 Zip Back Lou Box Top variation and Birkin Flares

Day 14 Striped Knit Skirt (pattern from Built By Wendy Knits book)

Day 15 Self-drafted Grey Knit Racerback and Grey Striped Linden Sweatshirt

Day 16 Yellow Polka Dot Blouse Simplicity 1661
This blouse has made an appearance every year of Me Made May. The fabric and style just can't be beat. 

Looking for more outfit inspiration? Check out past years roundups (2015, 2014, and 2013) and stay up to date with the rest of this month by following me on Instagram. Have you been participating in Me Made May this year? How's it going for you?