Nita Wrap Skirt Sewalong Day 6: Finishing

Welcome to Day 6 of the Nita Wrap Skirt Sewalong! If you haven't done so already, grab your copy of the pdf pattern right here and then check out all of the sewalong posts here.

We are almost done and all the kind-of-hard stuff is behind us. We have just a few finishing touches left to do. 

Try on your skirt and determine how short you want it to be. Press the hem to the wrong side two times to enclose the raw edge and topstitch in place. If you are using a thick fabric, you might want to serge/overlock the raw edge and fold up once only. 

For a skirt with a lining, hem the lining separately from the skirt. If they are finished together, the hem can look a little wonky. Hand tack the lining to the skirt at the side seams and the angled fronts that were left open. 

The last step is attaching some sew-on snaps (or slides if you prefer) to keep the skirt up and aligned. You'll definitely want to attach a snap to the right side and if you're making View B or C, it's a a good idea to attach one to the left side too. Try on your skirt and place pins at points where the skirt overlaps. 

Invisibly sew your snap pieces to the inside of the skirt waistband at the places you marked with the pins. To invisibly sew it on, use a hand needle to carefully stitch through just one layer of fabric. 

Repeat for the right hand side and you're all done. Now you can put your skirt on and hit the town! If you share on social media, please use the #nitawrapskirt so that I can see what you make. I really love seeing what people make using my patterns. You are all creative, amazing people and inspire me with your ideas and variations. In fact, I've been known to copy your hacks from time to time. :) To access earlier posts in this series, go to the Nita Wrap Skirt Sewalong main page. Happy Sewing!!