Five Fall Sewing Patterns for a Classic Wardrobe

With the change of seasons I inevitably think about what I’d like to be wearing in the coming months. Living in Los Angeles, it does tend to be almost the same weather all year long. Despite the constant warm temps, we do like to change our style of dress. Otherwise there’s really no way to know what month is. As always, I will be wearing a lot of my own patterns. I’m particularly looking forward to wearing the Nita Wrap Skirt with tights this Fall and making more knit Lou Box Tops (going down one size gives a great fit). I’ve also been thinking about making another pair of jeans. After all, I probably wear jeans more than any other garment.

But there are a few patterns that I have not tried yet that I’m really excited to sew this season. I already have all the patterns and fabric to go with them. Just stitching left to do. :) With the exception of the Nehalem Pants, these patterns could all be categorized under basics. I expect all of them to be wardrobe workhorses.

5 Fall Sewing Patterns for a Classic Wardrobe

1. Nehalem Pants by Sew House Seven
It was love at first sight with me and these pants. I'll be sewing them up soon. So stay tuned!

2. Lark Tee by Grainline Studio
I'm really looking forward to trying this one. My t-shirt drawer is overflowing but I there are a lot of shirts in there that I don't love. I'm hoping that this pattern will become a go-to for basic t-shirts.

3. Victoria Blazer by By Hand London
I was really excited when this pattern was added to their pdf collection. I have the pattern printed and assembled and some black linen washed and ready. 

4. Ultimate Shift Dress by Sew Over It
This pattern is on my 2016 Make Nine list and I keep meaning to make it but get distracted. Isn't that always the case? I have the pattern printed and assembled. I just need to choose some fabric. I think the version with sleeves will be great for Fall.

5. Driftless Cardigan by Grainline Studio
Working in an air conditioned office, I always need to have a sweater on hand. Somehow I've ended wearing the same 2 or 3 sweaters all the time. A long cardigan like this is a neutral color will be perfect for throwing over any outfit.

Et voila! My fall sewing project list is all sorted. There are probably about 10 other things on the list too but with so many great things out there, how can I resist? What sewing projects are you going to be working on this fall?