Sewing Tall Pattern Company Roundup 2019

2019 List of Sewing Pattern Companies for Tall Women by Sew DIY

Pattern companies all design for different body types, proportions and heights. Which, I honestly think is awesome. Every person’s body is so different in so many ways that no one pattern is going to fit every body perfectly. But if you find a pattern company that is a little closer to your shape from the get-go, then it might alleviate some fit struggles and mean fewer adjustments that you’ll need to make.

When I decided to resize the Lou Box Top pattern a few months ago, I also decided that it was time to start designing for a height of 5’10”. When I first started, I wanted my patterns to be accessible to an “average” height and I guess basically fit in with the standards. But as the years went on, I felt like there was a real hole in the sewing pattern market for tall sewists. Initially, I had been worried about backlash but decided to go for it anyway. (I was definitely inspired by this episode of A Coffee With Makers with Amy Nicole.) I am very pleased to report that I have not received any negative comments about changing the height of my patterns and have heard from a few tall sewists who really appreciate it.

So, for today’s post, I’m rounding up a few #sewingtall friendly pattern companies that I recommend. Let me know if there are others that I should add to the list. I also recommend checking out this list of pattern company heights and cup sizes from Chuleenan.

Sewing Tall Pattern Companies

Sew DIY 5’10” (that’s me! Not all of my patterns have been updated yet but I’m about half way there.)

Burda Tall 5′ 9 1/4″

Straight Stitch Designs 5’9”

*Megan Nielsen 5’9”

*Colette/Seamwork 5’8" for misses and 5’9” for curvy sizes

Named Patterns 5’8”

Honorable mention to: (“tall” is pretty relative after all)

Threadbare Garments 5’7”

In the Folds 5′7″

*To get super technical, these pattern companies use a fit model who is 5’9” or 5’8” but don’t specifically state that they design for a certain height. Personally, I still need to add length when I use their patterns but I am 5’11”. I also really like both Megan Nielsen patterns and Seamwork patterns so that extra bit of height built in might be why.

And if you happen to be petite (or just sew for one), check out SBCC Patterns who designs for 5′ 1″ and Amy Nicole Patterns who designs for 5’4” and under. Please let me know if there are any others that I should add to the list. I really would love to hear about them and try them out. Happy sewing!