You're Invited to a Fabric Party!

You're invited to a Fabric Party - Sew DIY

Hello sew-friends! Today I have a super fun announcement. I’m going to be hosting a virtual party. Last week, I posted on Instagram about my disorganized fabric stash and asked people to share about their fabric collections. I got SO MANY responses and tons of great tips. I realized that a lot of people are like me and have fabric bursting out of every cupboard.

And even with all the amazing organization ideas out there, I felt like I just didn’t want to do my fabric organizing alone. It’s kind of boring and feels like a chore. But then someone suggested that I invite a friend over to help and an idea sprung to mind. What if I invite EVERYONE over to help give moral support? If we all organize our fabric together, we can support each other and make it fun. Of course, everyone can’t literally come over but we can do it virtually on Instagram. We can have a VIRTUAL PARTY!

Wondering what a virtual party is? Keep reading.

This is how my stash used to look! Personal goals.

This is how my stash used to look! Personal goals.

I also had a message on IG from a woman who wants to join the party but feels uncomfortable with the word stash. It makes her feel guilty for the amount of fabric that she owns. The last thing I want is for someone to feel bad about their fabric. There’s absolutely no right or wrong amount of fabric to have. As long as you feel good about it, then it’s right.

As sewists, the fabric is our tool, our medium. Painters have paint. We have fabric. It’s inspiring for us to have fabric around. I love seeing a stack of beautiful fabric and imagining the potential it has to become something new and the joy I'll have sewing and eventually wearing it. Fabric is potential and joy and it should be celebrated and cherished.

So, I decided to name the party the I Love my Fabric Virtual Party. The intent of the virtual event is to spend some time with your fabric, celebrate it and enjoy it. Maybe that includes a big folding and organizing endeavor. Maybe you implement a digital catalog system. Or maybe you just hang out with your fabric and lovingly caress it. However you want to celebrate your fabric, you do just that. But above all, let’s have fun!

You're Invited to a Fabric Organizing Party! Sew DIY

So. How does a virtual party work? On the weekend of August 10-11, 2019, I’ll be posting about my personal party on Instagram via stories, IG live and on the grid. I invite you to do the same. Use and follow #ilovemyfabricparty on Instagram to share your photos and see others photos. You can share before and afters, your party setup, your favorite fabrics, how you organize and catalog, or a personal story. I’ll be sharing story templates that you can screenshot and use in your stories to share more about yourself and your fabric. It’s going to be fun! I may even do a little pattern sale because after you’re done organizing, you’re going to want to start sewing.

You have about a week and half to get ready for the party and before then I’ll be posting a few helpful links including tips for organizing, purging and stash busting. Let me know if you’ll be joining along and make sure to follow on Instagram and share with your friends too. P.S. Add the event to your calendar right now so that you don’t forget!