VIDEO How to Sew a Slip Stitch by Hand

Learn how to sew a slip stitch by hand with this video by Sew DIY

I love using my sewing machine but there are times that I prefer to sew by hand. And most of the time, I use a slip stitch. The slip stitch is very useful in place of topstitching on hems and bias facings when sewing with delicate fabric. The magic of this stitch is that it is nearly invisible from the right side of the garment. And because it’s invisible, even if you have a difficult fabric, no one will know that your stitches aren’t perfect.

If you are looking for ways to slow down your sewing practice, hand sewing is a great practice. Not only will you have a beautiful garment, but you’ll get to relax a little bit into the process and really take your time and take care of your fabric.

With a little practice, this stitch is pretty easy to do and it’s worth the time to learn and to use this stitch as it gives a beautiful and luxurious finish to your handmade garments. One tip that didn’t make it in the video, I find it easiest to hand stitch from right to left, as seen in the video. But if you are left handed, you may find it easier to stitch from left to right.

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