DIY Green Peg Alexandria Trousers

I’m not gonna lie these are my new favorite pants. (And my mom’s too! I gave her the wearable muslin and she loves them.) For my trip to Europe I wanted to take a a pair of tapered pants with a relaxed waist. After my failed Moji Pants, I settled on the Alexandria Pants by Named Clothing and I couldn’t be happier.

As I mentioned, I first made a wearable muslin to check the fit. I made a straight US size 8 was really pleased with the fit so I didn’t make any changes for this version. If I make them again, I might consider lengthening the crotch about an inch so it’s closer to my natural waist. For reference, I’m 5’11” with 28-29 inch waist and 39 inch hips. I made the wearable muslin out of light blue seersucker, inspired by these J.Crew pants and the fact that I bought about 10 yards of it at the FIDM store in downtown LA. I’d really like to try out the shorts version of this pattern and it will probably be in seersucker.

The fabric is an olive green bottom weight twill from Joann’s. Just a basic bottom weight, not too heavy, not too light. For the pocket bags, I used seersucker and it’s so fun to get a little peek of the print from time to time. The drawstring is a cotton twill tape. I really love cotton twill tape and use it whenever I make a Baseball Skirt.

The back features rounded patch pockets. I found it helpful to baste along the fold line of the pockets before turning in the seam allowance and pressing. Along the curved edge, gently pull the basting stitches to help turn the seam allowance evenly to the wrong side. 

I really love how the pleats are formed on top of the scoop front pockets. When I first put it together I was a little bit confused that the pleats go on top but once I got it aligned I had a little ah-ha moment and fell in love with the design. Named always has such unique design features. 

I took these pants with me on my trip to Europe and I wore them all the time They’re really comfortable and easy to wear. The drawstring and relaxed fit make these pants decidedly casual. But when paired with sandals like these and a tucked in shirt (a Lou Box Top of course) it does feel put-together and not at all sloppy. I’m also wearing my new favorite accessory, this watch from Jord. I can’t believe how accustomed I’ve become to having a timepiece on my wrist. Pulling out my phone to find the time just feels so inconvenient now. The wood makes it easy to match with any outfit so I can wear it everyday without worry. 

These pants came together so easily and happily that I have very little to say besides that I just love them. I’ll definitely be trying out the shorts version one of these days so stay tuned for more of the Alexandria pattern.