Short Sleeve Cardigan

I started this cardigan right after I bought the Fitted Knits book about a month ago. A bonus was using up some Cotton Tots yarn that's been in my stash for a few years.I lengthened the sweater and added short rows to the bust.
I also had to pick up extra stitches for the button band because of the changes.
My version has more buttons than the original.

I wasn't very careful the first time I sewed the buttons on and the center horizontal ribbing wasn't lined up.
So, I had to redo some of it today.

I still haven't finished the green twisted front sweater but I want to finish it before starting another knitting project. I finished all the pieces then realized that I had messed up the back and it needed to be redone. This kind of mistake usually makes me postpone for a while until I can get over the prospect of redoing work. But I'm back to it, in between sewing projects.